Sunday, July 31, 2011


不用在周末做工啦,超开心的!! 一连接了八天的promote 工作,足以让我对此类型的工开始产生抗拒,感觉蛮像乞丐的,想对顾客介绍新产品,顾客通常都产生抗拒,边点头边走人,有些甚至看也没看。辛酸。。。


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hanging out

Hanging out with my friends ..10 june 2011 .....

1st destination =Mr egg ...

Tidbits lorr and milo ...i m ming wee finish almost the food while Meei Shing n Jyy yn were singing ..hehe

me singing song , see , pretend to b serious while know someone took my photo ...haha..

i thnk the singing session is too short ...11.30pm until 1 pm ...i still have lots of songs haven finish singing weyy..

But during the singing session , Meei shing sang a song by lin feng ..which is "放手“。我才知道放手在广东话里是风骚。。 When meei shing sang 风骚, i n ming wee kept on laughing .....nt bad nt bad ..learnt a cantonese word today ...

Lunch time , we went go "little bamboo forest " to have a feast ..i oways order this whenevr i go to little bamboo forest ...Hotpot yee mee ,,,,really can satisfy a mee lover like me ...

Proceed our way to Letterbox ....which has the almost  similar decorations and atmosphere like fullhouse in Kl.

Here is the place ..

They ordered this ..i drank tis before last time ..nt bad ..quite nice , gt the fragrance of lemon , it is sweet and nt sour ...although the presentation is so so ..But i quite like it ...

My drink ..peach flavored pearl bubble tea ..before ordered this , i kept on asking my frend whthr is it  still safe to drink .Afraid the DEHP ..but who cares ...drink la ...jiu jiu yi ci ....

i like the chewy" pearl "
Almost fell asleep in this cafe ...i thnk i m a phyton la , after drink or eat sure sleep ...u may call me baBee oso ..wuahaha

Sunday, December 26, 2010

26/12/2010 你们结婚啦



整个婚礼不错喔。。还特地用三轮车接新娘,免她走那么长的一段路。。晚上婚宴时还在舞台设有燃放烟花的设置,烟花及时燃放,好像在开演唱会!!! 哇,真是难得一见,漂亮。。